About Us

We are a ZERO THC brand!

HempISO products are made with the purest, high quality ingredients, and custom formulations that sharpen the intended benefits of each individual item. Our products are made with crystalline isolate, top tier distillate, and water soluble nano technology. With each item we ensure purity, potency and an affordable price for the everyday consumer.

Utilizing isolated cannabinoids not only ensures that all THC is removed on a molecular level and is non detectable on our Certificates of Analysis (Lab Reports), but also guarantees consistency per batch, as well as puts you the consumer in driver’s seat when choosing exactly which cannabinoid you want to put in or on your body.

HempISO is dedicated not only to providing you with excellent products and great prices, but also PTSD awareness and supporting our veterans.

We welcome you to the HempISO family and appreciate your continued support!